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Introduction to Django

Django is a back-end web framework written in Python. It follows the model-template-view (MTV) architectural pattern. The Model-Template-View Architecture The Model-Template-View (MTV) architecture separates logically the definitions of a project in the following components: Django apps follows the MTV architecture.…

Tools to capture Computer Specs on Windows

This post summarizes some tools to capture computer specs on Windows. List of Tools to capture Computer Specs on Windows List of tools to capture computer specifications: I remind that they are only available for Windows. WinAudit Freeware WinAudit Freeware…

Music Streaming Services

  List of music streaming services Music streaming service apps featured in this post: Spotify Tidal Deezer HDTracks Qobuz Apple Music Amazon Music Spotify Tidal Deezer Qobuz HDTracks Apple Music Amazon Music