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List of Mobile Payment Apps & Services

Mobile OS Developers Android Pay Apple Pay Microsoft Wallet   Phone Manufacturers Mi Pay Huawei Pay Samsung Pay   eCommerce AliPay AmazonPay WeChat Pay Paytm   Phone Operators Orange Cash Vodafone Smart PASS   Banks Santander Wallet BBVA Wallet (many…

Tech Innovation Resources

This are some resources for technology innovation & trends:   Gartner   Forrester   McKinsey McKinsey, in addition to consultancy service, performs very interesting articles and reports regarding current trends   Deloitte

Free Diagramming Applications

This is a list of some of the free diagramming applications that can be found in the market: List of Free Diagramming Applications Free diagramming applications featured on this post: Google Docs Draw Dia Diagram Editor LibreOffice Draw yEd Google…