Linux Touch-based User Interfaces

This post list some touch-based user interfaces for Linux operating systems.

List of Linux Touch-based User Interfaces

Touch-based Linux User Interfaces featured on this post:

  • Lomiri
  • Plasma Mobile
  • Phosh


Lomiri, originally Unity8, is a touch-based graphical user interface (GUI).

It was originally developed by British company Canonical, and it is currently maintained by community UBports.

Lomiri was initially intended to work on desktop computers as well, but it has never been ready for production use. The development preview of Ubuntu 18.04 used Lomiri (called Unity8, back then).

As of 2023, Lomiri was being adapted for Debian and Fedora. The first tests for Debian were completed, as it can be seen on this external link.

The project renamed to Lomiri, instead of using the original name Unity8. The main reason was to avoid name clashing with game platform Unity and also set distance with the Ubuntu project.

Official website

Do not confuse Lomiri with Unity7, as they are separate forked projects. Unity7 is a more traditional GUI for desktop computers and the default one for Ubuntu’s flavour Ubuntu Unity. Unity7’s planned successor is UnityX.

Unity7 evolves from Canonical’s development of Unity7, while Lomiri evolves from Canonical’s development of Unity8.

Plasma Mobile

Plasma Mobile is the touch-based version of KDE Plasma. It is developed by KDE.

It is used OS like Manjaro. You can find a full list on this external link.

Official website


Phosh is developed by American company Purism.

It is used on OS like PureOS.

Official website

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