Smartphones focused on Privacy

This post lists some mobile phones that are focused on privacy by design and it is its primary goal.

Because to ensure privacy you need to rely on the operating system running on the smartphone, smartphones focused on privacy will opt for full open source solutions. This is why they usually run Linux-based system instead of popular proprietary OSs that recollect user data, like Android or iPhone.

List of Smartphones focused on Privacy

The mobile phones featured on this post are:

  • PinePhone
  • Librem
  • Volla Phone


PinePhone is a smartphone developed by Hongkongese company Pine64.

PinePhone comes as default with OS Manjaro pre-installed and user interface Plasma Mobile (based on KDE Plasma).

However, it is compatible with all major Linux phone projects, for instance:

  • Ubuntu Touch
  • postmarketOS
  • Manjaro
  • LuneOS
  • Sailfish OS

Official web


Librem is a a family of portable devices developed by American company Purism.

Librem 5 is a smartphone that was released in 2020. Its default operating system is PureOS, and user interface Phosh, both developed by Purism.

There is a Libre 5 USA editiono that is assembled inside the USA.

As of 2023, it is the only mobile phone approved by the Free Software Foundation.

Official web

Volla Phone

Volla Phones are developed by German company Volla.

The phones are pre-installed with VollaOS or UbuntuTouch.

Official web

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