How to troubleshoot no sound Issue on Ubuntu

This post gives some hints about how to solve issues related to having no sound on Ubuntu operating system.

How to find a Solution to the no sound Issue on Ubuntu

Ubuntu has a very useful page with advice about how to troubleshoot when a device with Ubuntu play no sound:

Try each solution from top to bottom, and see if it any of the proposed solution works.

How to test Audio on Ubuntu

This section explains ways to test the Audio on Ubuntu.

Ways to test audio on Ubuntu:

  • Using GUI
  • From terminal

How to test Audio on Ubuntu using the GUI

Go to “Show Application” and type “Sound”. Click on the icon or press Enter key.

In the Ouput section, click on “Test” button. You can either press “Left” or “Right” buttons to test the left and right speakers respectively.

How to test Audio on Ubuntu from terminal

Open a terminal and type:

pacat < /dev/urandom

If audio is working fine, it generates a noise that would be similar to the radio or TV static noise, when no channel is detected.

Press Ctrl + C from terminal to stop making the noise.

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