How to run Zemax OpticStudio on Ubuntu

This post explains how to run software Zemax OpticStudio on Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu version that was used for this tutorial was 22.10 (2022), and the Zemax OpticStudio was ZEMAX-EE Optical Design Program (2003). Instructions may vary depending on the version.

What is Zemax OpticStudio?

Zemax is a developer company whose flagship product is OpticStudio. OpticStudio was formerly known as Zemax, i.e., with the same name as the company.

You can read more about Zemax and OpticStudio on this external link.

Zemax OpticStudio is categorized as Silver in WineDB. Last test of this program was done in 2010, so the information is not very reliable.

Steps to run Zemax OpticStudio on Ubuntu

These are the steps to run Zemax OpticStudio on Ubuntu:

  1. Install Wine
  2. Copy Zemax binaries to your Computer
  3. Open Zemax OpticStudio with Wine

Install Wine

Go to Ubuntu Software and search for “wine”. Select the Wine standard version and click on install.

Copy Zemax binaries to your Computer

Copy Zemax binaries on your computer. Remember that you need a license for this software.

Open Zemax OpticStudio with Wine

Go to the folder where ZemaxOptic is and right click on the executable file “zemax.exe”.

The program will open.

However, I get these error messages that prevent me from creating a new file:

Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\Schott.AGF!
Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\SGRIN.DAT!
Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\PROFILE.DAT!
Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\GLC.DAT!
Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\GRADIENT_9.DAT!
Can't open File C:\Program Files\Zemaxtemp\Glasscat\COATING.DAT!

If you know how to avoid this error, please leave a comment.

These errors were not described in WineDB.


Wine does not appear on the “Open with” list

If Wine does not appear when right-clicking the file and clicking on “Open with”, perform this action.

Open a terminal and type this command:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/doc/wine/examples/wine.desktop /usr/share/applications

When you repeat the process, you should find “Wine Windows Program Loader”.

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