How to prepare the Microsoft Exam MD-101 (2021-2023)

This post explains how to pass the exam MD-101 “Managing Modern Desktops”, organized by Microsoft.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MD-101 was an exam that was available since at least 2021 until 31 July 2023. After that, this exam was no longer available as it was substituted by MD-102 “Endpoint Administrator”.

Since at least 2021 until 2023, Microsoft Associate Certification “Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate” was obtained by passing both exams MD-100 “Windows Client” and MD-101 “Managing Modern Desktops”.

To read more information about how to get the Microsoft Associate Certification “Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate” between 2021 and 2023, please read this post.

To read more information about how to prepare the Microsoft exam MD-100 “Windows Client”, please read this post.

FAQs about how to pass Microsoft MD-101 Exam

What do I need to complete exam MD-101?

To complete exam MD-101, you need:

  • An ID document that is valid in the country you are performing the test
  • A Microsoft account (e.g., Outlook, Hotmail, etc.)

It is recommended that you have passed exam MD-100 course before attempting MD-101. More info about how to prepare exam MD-100 on this post.

How can I prepare the exam?

There are two ways to prepare the exam:

  • Free online courses
  • Instructor-led paid course

There are different free online courses related to MD-101. All of them must be completed and fully understood:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager fundamentals (3 hours). Link
  • Microsoft 365 – Modernize your enterprise deployment with Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps (4 hours). Link
  • Manage your enterprise deployment with Microsoft 365 (3 hours). Link

MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops” is an instructor-led paid course organized by Microsoft. You can find more about this course on this link.

There are also private academies that teach this course. You can find them by searching it in a search engine and the name of your nearest city.

How is the exam?

It is a multi-choice test exam.

It takes a maximum of 140 minutes (2h20m).

The exam is organized by Pearson VUE.

What is the passing score?

The passing score is 700. Maximum score is 1,000.

How much does the exam cost?

The exam fees are $165.

Are there test exams?

You can purchase the Microsoft Certified Official Practice Test MD-101 in Mindhub portal on this link. It costs between €83 and €92.

There are questions from ExamTopics, with discussion and explanations of correct answers, on this link.

You can find more questions at on this link.

I also heard that there are paid exams offered by online academies.

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