Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) is a protocol of OSI session layer 5. It provides a NetBIOS name to each computer, in addition to the already existing IP address from OSI network layer 3. Nowadays, NetBIOS runs over TCP/IP.

The NetBIOS Suffix, alternately called the NetBIOS End Character (endchar), is the 16th character of a NetBIOS name and indicates service type for the registered name. The number of record types is limited to 255; some commonly used values are:

For unique names:

  • 00: Workstation Service (workstation name)
  • 03: Windows Messenger service
  • 06: Remote Access Service
  • 20: File Service (also called Host Record)
  •  21: Remote Access Service client
  • 1B: Domain Master Browser – Primary Domain Controller for a domain
  • 1D: Master Browser

For group names:

  • 00: Workstation Service (workgroup/domain name)
  • 1C: Domain Controllers for a domain (group record with up to 25 IP addresses)
  • 1E: Browser Service Elections

How to check the value of NetBIOS


Use ntbstat command from Command Prompt (cmd).


You can check or set the value in System Preferences > Network > select the active network port, click Advanced > then select the WINS tab > NetBIOS Name field.

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