USB Diagnostic Tools

Windows USB Diagnostic Tools


MUTT (Microsoft USB Test Tool)–mutt–devices

List of USB test tools recommended by Microsoft

USB Event Tracing for Windows

Linux USB Diagnostic Tools

Linux USB Diagnostic Command-line Tools


  • fdisk
  • lsblk
  • ddrescue
  • testdisk
  • photorec
  • recjpeg


fdisk is used to check disk partitions.


fdisk -l

Installation (not installed by default):

sudo apt install fdisk


lsblk can be used to list the current disks connected to a Linux system.

You can identify the ID of a USB drive by running lsblk before and after connecting the USB drive.

Installation (not installed by default):

sudo apt install lsblk

Usage example:



ddrescue makes a raw binary copy of a disk. It can be used to make a backup of a disk.

Installation (not installed by default):

sudo apt install gddrescue

Usage example:

ddrescue --idirect usb.img

You can use any of the other command-line tools with the .img file, as it was the original disk.


GNU parted is a command-line tool to work with partitions.

It is part of the GNU project.

Usage example:

(parted) quit


testdisk is a command-line tool to test disks.

Installation (not installed by default):

sudo apt install testdisk

Usage example:

testdisk sdX


photorec is used to recover files from a disk. Originally it only recovered photos, but now it recovers other types of files.

photorec is developed by the same person as testdisk.

It is installed in the same way as testdisk.

Usage example:

photorec sdX



Usage example:

recoverjpeg sdX

Linux USB Diagnostic GUI Tools


  • gparted
  • GNOME Disk Utility


gparted is a Linux tools.

GNOME Disk Utility

Disk Utility is the default tool in GNOME desktops, e.g. Ubuntu 23.10.

It can be run from the command-line as gnome-disks.

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