Introduction to SAP POS DM Module

POS stands from Point-of-Sale. Due to their extended explotation in Retail industry they are closely related to this area.

SAP for Retail solution portfolio supports SAP Point-of-Sales Data Management (POS DM) solution.

SAP POS Data Management improves decision making at all levels by gathering facts and figures from your retail outlets and making them available throughout your enterprise. SAP POS DM is delivered with BI Content releases and uses SAP BI as its operational platform. SAP POS DM consists of SAP POS Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE) and POS Analytics.

Functionality includes:

  • cleanse and audit your Pont-of-Sales transactions
  • see which products sell the strongest in all of its regions
  • gauge price sensitivity across different markets or different areas within the market
  • evaluate the effectiveness of promotions
  • compare and contrasts how products sell when they are promoted versus being sold at everyday prices

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