How to watch Spain TV on the internet

There are many reasons why you need to watch Spain TV online: you don’t have or don’t want to buy a TV, or you are out of Spain and want to watch Spain public channels. Here there are some walk arounds.

  1. Through a web page
    Usually all Spain channels have an internet player on their websites that allow you to watch TV online. This is the perfect solution when you live in Spain.However, these webs use to check your IP’s country¬† and do not allow to broadcast outside Spain. If this is the case, you may fine other websites that broadcast these content, as for example
  2. Using a VPN
    As we mention, channel webs check your IP’s country and block the content if you are outside Spain. One possibility is to use an IP from Spain, even when you are outside. The solution to achieve this is to use a VPN.
    Some institutions (universities, companies, etc.) offers VPN service with no extra cost, so ask your admin before if this service is available to you.
    Alternatively, you can hire VPN service to private companies. You can search this service or use the free VPN Gate or Tor.
  3. Through Media Center
    Some media centers allow you to watch Spain channels.
    If you use Kodi, you may find useful the add-ons AdryanList and tvalacarta.
    You can find more information about Kodi on this post.

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