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Crowdfunding Websites

This post summarizes some websites for crowdfunding. List of Crowdfunding Websites Crowfunding websites: Kickstarter Kickstarter is a project from Spain. Official website Verkami Verkami is a project from Spain. Official website Gamefound Crowdfunding website specialized in video games. Official website

Capture the Flag Webs

This post summarizes some websites for capture the flag challenges or hackatons. List of Capture the Flag Webs Capture the flag webs featured on this post: HackTheBox Official website CTF365 Official website OverTheWire Official website HackingLab Official website External References

List of Website Mirroring Tools

List of website mirroring tools: HTTrack WebCopier Pro Website Ripper Copier GNU Wget Pavuk Web Spider and Performance Measure Getleft OfflineDownloader WebRipper SurfOffline NCollector Studio Portable Offline Browser Backstreet Browser Offline Explorer Enterprise Teleport Pro Hooeey Webprint Visual SEO Studio…

IT Vulnerability Databases

This post includes a list of  public resources (e.g., databases) for vulnerability research. It also features some well-known sites that are no longer available. Exploit Database (Exploit DB) is an archive of exploits for the purpose of public security, and it…