Cloud Service Modules

This post features cloud service modules.

List of Cloud Service Modules

Cloud service modules featured on this post:

  • Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Traffic Analysis


  • Amazon E3
  • Azure Storage
  • Google Storage

Archive Storage

Amazon S3 Glacier

Amazon S3 Glacier classes website

Azure Archive Storage

Azure Archive Storage

Google Storage Coldline and Archive

Google Storage has two classes called coldline and archive.

Google Storage classes official website

Traffic Analysis

AWS’s VPC Traffic Mirroring

Amazon virtual private cloud (VPC) traffic mirroring.

Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring

List of Cloud Security Service Modules

Cloud security services:

  • Log Analysis and Monitoring
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Cloud Zero Trust
  • Cloud Vulnerability Assessment Tool
  • Cloud Secrets Manager
  • Cloud HSM

Log Analysis and Monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch

CloudWatch is AWS’s log monitoring tool.

CloudWatch official website

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor official website

Google Cloud’s Observability

Google Cloud’s Observability official website

Cloud Orchestration

AWS System Manager Orchestration

AWS System Manager Orchestration

Azure Automation

Azure Automation

Google Cloud Orchestration

Choosing the right orchestrator in Google Cloud

Cloud Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector

Azure Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Cloud Zero Trust

AWS Zero Trust

AWS Zero Trust official website

Azure’s Zero Trust

Azure Zero Trust Learning website

Google Cloud Zero Trust

Google Cloud Zero Trust

Cloud Secrets Management

OWASP Secret Management Cheatsheet

AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secret Manager official website

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault official website

Google Cloud Secret Manager

Google Cloud Secret Manager official website

Cloud HSM

Amazon Cloud HSM


AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

AWS Key Management Service official website

Azure Dedicated HSM

Google Cloud HSM

Google KMS

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