Windows Disk Management Tools

This post summarizes some tools to manage disks on Windows OS, including error fixing.

Tools to manage Disk on Windows

Windows utilities to manage disk on Windows

  • GUI tools
    • Disk Management
  • CMD tools
    • fdisk
    • DiskPart
    • chkdsk
  • PowerShell cmdlets

GUI Tools

This section covers tools that

Disk Management

Disk Management is a GUI tool to fix errors on Windows

CMD Tools

This section covers tools that are run from the Windows command prompt (CMD).


fdisk is quite an old tool.

It was substituted by DiskPart, at least since Windows 10.


DiskPart is a command-line tool.

It substituted fdisk.


chkdsk is a command-line tool.

You can find more information about chkdsk on this external link.

PowerShell cmdlets

The are PowerShell cmdlets to manage disks on Windows.

Examples: Get-Disk, Clear-Disk, Initialize-Disk, Set-Disk, Get-Volume

External references

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