Python Development

This post introduces to some aspects of Python development.

Python Programming Language

Python applications are developed using Python programming language.

You can find more information about Python programming language on this post.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for Python

It is not mandatory to use an IDE to develop Python as there is a command-based tool. However, it may be more productive for most users to use a proper Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

As of 2023, the most popular IDEs for Python could be PyCharm and Visual Studio Code. Both of them have a free and open-source (FOSS) versions.

Official Python IDE is Python IDLE.

PyCharm is a dedicated Python IDE developed by Czech company JetBrains that offers extended functionalities than Python IDLE. There are two versions: an open source Community Edition, and a paid Professional edition.

You can find more information about PyCharm on this post.

Visual Studio is an IDE developed by American company Microsoft. You can get more information about compatibility with Python on this external link.

Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is a general source code editor developed by Microsoft. You need to install an extension for Python in order to work for this programming language.

Take note that while VS Code source code is FOSS under an MIT license, Microsoft installer is not and  the bundle includes telemetry tracking. If you want to get a pre-built FOSS installer, have a look at VSCodium.

There are Python extensions for Eclipse IDE, as for example, PyDev. Check these posts about how to install and configure Python on Eclipse on Windows and Ubuntu.

Jupyter Notebook is an interesting web application for Python development.

Google Colab is a cloud app to develop Python. You can visit it on this external link.

Kaggle is a web app to use AI through Python.

Learning Python

How do I start learning Python?

The official Python tutorial can be found on this external link. As it is quite old, there are other much user-friendlier.

Recommended online tutorials:

There are many other webs and books to teach you how to learn Python. Just search for it using your favourite search engine.

Getting Help on Python

Groups to get help about Python.

Reddit group r/learnpython

Official link

Python Discord

Python Discord is a community of Python developers that communicate through Discord.

Official website

Discord channel

LinkedIn group “Python Developers Community”

Official link


Link to questions about Python on Stack Overflow

Python Resources

Official Python Documentation

Official webiste


PEP 8 is the official style guide for Python code.

You can read PEP 8 from this external link.

The Zen of Python

You can read “The Zen of Python” by opening Python session and typing “import this”.

Eric Matthes’ Python Crash Course Resources

Eric H. Matthes is the author of “Python Crash Course”.

GitHub repository for Python Crash Course 3rd Edition Resources

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