How to integrate GitHub on PyCharm

This post explains how to integrate GitHub on PyCharm.

Instructions about how to integrate GitHub on PyCharm

You can find the official information about how to integrate GitHub on PyCharm on this external link.

Add your GitHub Accounts to PyCharm

Go to menu bar > File > “Settings” (Windows, Linux) or “Preferences” (Mac OS) >> Version control > GitHub.

You can add all your GitHub accounts to the list by clicking on the “+” button. You can either login using GitHub or with a token.

When there are no GitHub accounts in the system, you can also login from the “Share on GitHub” dialog > click on “Click on “Add account” > “Log in via GitHub…” to log in your user. In the next section it is explained how to get to the “Share on GitHub dialog.

You must login to GitHub from PyCharm. Click on “Add account” > “Log in via GitHub…” to log in your user. A web browser window will be open so you can enter your credentials. Click on “Authorize in GitHub”. Enter your credentials and sign in. Then you must click on “Authorize JetBrains” buttons to accept integration between JetBrains IDE Integration and GitHub. A confirmation message will be displayed.

Enter all the GitHub accounts you wish.

Upload your project to GitHub

Open PyCharm and on the main screen locate the “Version Control” dropdown list on the upper part. Then go to “Share project on” > “GitHub”.

You can also get to this dialog from the menu bar > “VCS” > “Share project on GitHub”.

The dialog “Share on GitHub” will be opened.

Import a project from GitHub

Go to menu bar > “VCS” > “Get from Version Control…”.

If you have added a GitHub account to PyCharm, you will find all current projects. Select the project you want and click on “Clone” button.

Wait a little until it is cloned.

You may need to confirm in a dialog whether you trust the project or you want to preview it in safe mode.

You can find the official instructions on this external link.

Uploading changes to GitHub

Before creating a pull request, you need to make a commit.

To make a commit, go to menu bar > Git > “Commit…”. Click on “Commit and push…” button to do both commit and push to changes to GitHub in one row.

To send your changes to GitHub, go to menu bar > Git > GitHub > Create Pull request…

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