Golden Age of Spanish Software

The so-called golden age of Spanish software (in Spanish, época dorada del software español) matches the lifespan of 8-bit home computers, when Spanish companies played a main role on developments for these computers, specially ZX Spectrum. For this home computer, Spain was the second biggest producer of video games, only followed by United Kingdom.

The golden age of Spanish software spans from 1983 to 1992.

The starting date in 1983 is set after the release of videogame “Bugaboo (The flea)” by Spanish company Indescomp, that was released in Spain with the title “La pulga“, on 1983. “Bugaboo” was the first Spanish product to be exported to the international market.

The end date in 1992 is set after the closure of some of the Spanish main software companies, like Dinamic Software and Opera Soft.

The main reason attributed to the end of the golden age of Spanish software is the inability of the Spanish industry to adapt to 16-bit computers.

List of Companies involved in the Golden Age of Spanish Software

Main companies involved in the Golden Age of Spanish Software:

  • Indescomp (1983-?)
  • Dinamic Software (1984-1992)
  • Opera Soft (1986-1992)
  • Made in Spain (1986-1988?)
  • Topo Soft (1987-1993?)
  • Zigurat (1988?-?)
  • Animagic (1989-?)

Topo Soft was owned by Spanish distributor Erbe Software.

Zigurat was founded by developers from Made in Spain, and because of this titles created by Made in Spain and Zigurat are often displayed together. Zigurat ended the development of home computers in 1992 and moved to slot machine development as Zigurat Software.

Dinamic Software acquired distributor Dro Soft, thus becoming a developer, editor and distributor of video games.

Animagic was created by Javier Cano after leaving Topo Soft.

Other minor companies:

  • Cibernesis
  • Badasoft
  • Ventamatic

List of Development Groups involved in the Golden Age of Spanish Software

Development groups often hide two people that had a name for development projects.

Some development groups involved in the Golden Age of Spanish Software:

  • Zeus Software
  • HiScore
  • Gamesoft
  • Alucine Soft

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