How to check which Devices are connected to a Network

Do you thing an outsider is using your network?

How to see which Devices are connected to a Network

Method 1: Check it from router

For this method, you need to have access to the router, and know its credentials.

Then, you need to find out your internal router address while in your network. It is either written on the router, or it can be found after the text “Default gateway” when typing ipconfig in cmd (Windows) or netstat -rn (MacOS X). Frequent router local IP address is

Connect to your router through a web browser, go to router address and enter credentials. Then, there should be an option to list all connected devices (it depends on manufacturers).

Router is only accessible inside the network, so you cannot use this method to check it remotely.

Method 2: Use command prompt

You can know the connected devices on any computer that is connected to the network through a command introduced in terminal.

Use command prompt in Windows systems

Enter this command in cmd:

arp -a

Use command prompt in Linux systems

Enter this command in

sudo nmap -sn

If nmap is not installed, type this:

sudo apt-get install nmap

Method 3: use an application

Applications to check connected devices in network:

  • Nutty (Linux)
  • Wireless Network Watcher (Windows)

Method 4: use a device

Some WiFi mesh installation provide an app that tells you in real time which devices are connected.

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