SMTP Enumeration Tool

List of SMTP Enumeration Tools:

  • NetScanTools Pro
  • smtp-user-enum
  • Telnet
  • Vanquish
  • MX Toolbox

List of SMTP Enumeration Tools

NetScanTools Pro
NetScanTools Pro’s SMTP Email Generator tool tests the process of sending an email message through an SMTP server. It can extract all the common email header parameters including confirm/urgent flags. NetScanTools Pro supports SMTP Authentication, either basic or using STARTTLS with username and password for servers requiring it. This tool includes the ability to send email attachments. It can save the email session to a log file and then display the log file showing the communications between NetScanTools Pro and the SMTP server. NetScanTools Pro’s Email Relay Testing Tool performs relay testing by communicating with an SMTP server. The report includes a log of the communications between NetScanTools Pro and the target SMTP server. The relay test report displays as either text or as HTML in a browser.

smtp-user-enum smtp-user-enum is a tool for enumeratin



MX Toolbox

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