List of Bluetooth Hacking Tools

List of Bluetooth Hacking Tools:

  • Bluetooth View
  • BlueScan
  • BTCrawler
  • bt_rng
  • Bluesnarfer
  • Bluediving
  • BluPhish
  • ubertooth
  • Super Bluetooth Hack
  • CIHwBT
  • BH BlueJack
  • BlueZ/I2ping
  • Ghettotooth
  • Bluesniff

One of the most popular is Bluetooth View and BlueScan.


List of Bluetooth Hacking Tools

Bluetooth View

Bluetooth View is a utility which runs on your computer, warning and notifying you when a Bluetooth device has come into range.

It is available for Windows OS.


BlueScan is a bash script that implements a scanner to detect Bluetooth devices that are within the range of our system. BlueScan works in a non-intrusive way, that is, without establishing a connection with the devices found and without being detected. Superuser privileges are not necessary to execute it.

It is available for GNU/Linux OS.


BTCrawler is used to to discover Bluetooth devices and the services they provide.


Developed by Tom Nardi / MS3FGX, that holds the DigiFail web.

Latest update of bt_rng on 2013.


You can find the source code on the previous link.

The tool can be downloaded from GitHub on this link.

Latest update was on 2018.




Super Bluetooth Hack

Java application developed by Thomas Hoornstra.

Last update was probably on 2011.


CIHwBT is an acronym for “Can I hack with Bluetooth?”.

It is a Bluetooth Security Framework for Windows Mobile 2005. Currently it only support some bluetooth exploits and tools like BlueSnarf, BlueJack, and some DoS attacks. It is intended to work with any pocketpc with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

BH BlueJack



Written in Perl.

Written in Perl.


Discontinued Bluetooth Hacking Tools

List of discontinued bluetooth hacking tools:

  • Bluetooth (JABWT) Browser
  • Bltejuice
  • BlueZScanner
  • BTScanner

Bluetooth (JABWT) Browser

This tool was used by 2007.

It is no longer available to download.

Btlejuice web where it was hosted no longer exists.

It was probably used in the 2000 decade.

Written in C.

It was used by 2008.

Written in C.

It was used by 2013.



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