SSH Tunneling Tools

This post features some SSH Tunneling Tools.

List of SSH Tunneling Tools

List of SSH Tunneling Tools.

  • Bitvise
  • Secure Pipes


Bitvise SSH Server provides secure remote login capabilities to Windows workstations and servers by encrypting data during transmission. It is ideal for remote administration of Windows servers; for advanced users who wish to access their home machine from work, or their work machine from home; and for a wide spectrum of advanced tasks, such as establishing a VPN using the SSH TCP/IP tunneling feature or providing a secure file depository using SFTP.

Bitvise SSH Client for Windows includes terminal emulation, graphical as well as command-line SFTP support, an FTP-to-SFTP bridge, tunneling features—including dynamic port forwarding through an integrated proxy—and remote administration for SSH Server.

Secure Pipes
Secure pipes are OS X based SSH tunneling software. Some of the features of Secure Pipes include:

  • Remote Forwards: Selectively open up access to application ports usually not easily accessible due to network or service provider configuration restrictions. Open the door to quickly leveraging OS X Server on Internet-facing applications like email and web hosting.
  • Local Forwards: Open application communication ports to remote servers without opening those ports to public networks. Bring the security of VPN communication to clients and servers on an ad hoc basis without the configuration and management hassle.
  • SOCKS Proxies: Easily set up and manage a SOCKS proxy server for either a local client or for a whole network to privatize communication and overcome local network restrictions. These tunnels are an indispensable and lightweight tool when traveling abroad, performing digital currency transactions, or just securing a local network.

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