List of file systems

List of file systems


A very old file system, based on 12 or 16 bits.

It was replaced in more modern system by FAT32, and eventually by the current filesystems (ext4 for GNU/Linux and macOS X, NTFS for Windows).


It is probable the most compatible file system of all, readable and writable on most OS, but because of its oldness and 32-bit limitations it has fell behind in functionality.

It is compatible on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

It was the default file system in early Windows versions (Windows ME and before).


Used by GNU/Linux system.

Windows systems are not compatible with this file system.


Used by newest Windows client OS (since Windows XP, and still used on Windows 10).

GNU/Linux systems supports it, but does not use it as default for its own system. NTFS is readable and writable from GNU/Linux, though.

Mac OS X does not support NTFS by default. It is still possible to make it read it .

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