How To Restore USB Drive Back To Original Full Capacity in Windows 10

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Run DiskPart

Go to Start > Run command or press Windows + R.

Type diskpart and press Enter

2. Select disk

DISKPART> list disk
Identify the disk that corresponds to the USB. Be sure it is the one. We assume on this post that the correct disk is X.
Then type:
DISKPART> select disk X

3. Delete disk


4. Create partition

DISKPART> create partition primary

5. Format USB

Go to Computer and right click on the USB drive, then select “Format…”.

Select the desired options and click “Format”.

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  1. I tried above method and worked great on one flash drive. On the second drive I keep getting this message – Virtual Disk Service error:
    There is no media in the device.
    Why does Windows think it’s a virtual disk, and how do I change it’s mind?

    • Hi Randy,
      As I have read, it is possible that the USB has reached its end-of-life or USB records were damaged due to unsafe ejection.
      In any case, you can try any of these solutions:
      A. Go to Disk Management, find the USB, click on Action > Rescan Disks and reboot
      B. Go to Device manager, find the USB drive under “Disk drive”, right click on it and click on update USB driver
      C. Use a third-party app to fix USBs
      Hope it helps!

  2. After clicking format, my system keeps telling me: windows was unable to complete the format, please what next can I do?

  3. Thank you, this helped me to restore the USB back to its original size, which earlier had some partitions

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