How to check if your Android phone or tablet is 32-bit or 64-bit

The only way I know to check your smartphone bitness is the following:

Use an app to find out your smartphone bitness

You can use any of these apps:

Previously, looking up the Android system version was enough to find the bitness. But it is no longer reliable.


  1. When I click or press on Kernel Version it clicks but does not open another window. Kernel Versions show 3.18.71

  2. Unfortunately, this advice is WRONG or at least incomplete. Phones may not show x64 in the kernel version and still be 64 bit android.
    The only way to tell is with an app, like CPUZ (System > Kernel architecture) or AIDA64 (Android > Kernel architecture)

    • It seems that checking up the kernel version is not enough. Please use any of the apps featured in the post.

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