How to pay using prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are pay-as-you-go cards whose balance can be charged with cash money or other debit/credit cards.

Consumers may prefer to use a prepaid card because of any of these reasons:

  • It does not require a bank or credit account
  • It can be topped up with cash money
  • You can top it up on a retail shop, not necessarily a bank
  • Some of these prepaid card are anonymous, as they do not have any link to the purchaser
  • It eases to conceal purchases to your main banks or to people/organizations that are authorised to access your bank accounts or cards
  • If your card is robbed or scammed, the limit of stolen money would be the current card balance
  • It helps you to control your expense limit, as it is not possible to get debts.
  • You can borrow it to other people, and cash limit be specified.

This is a non-exhaustive list of prepaid cards providers:

PaySafe card

Supported by PaySafe group (UK).


MoneyToPay (M2P)

Supported by CaixaBank (Spain).

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