How to run Mini vMac classic MacOS Emulator

I only got to install it on Ubuntu, as for any reason in MacOS X it never finds “vMac.ROM” file inside the same folder.


Installing and configuring Mini vMac

1. Download latest version from official link
2. Expand archived file
2. Download ROM file “vmac.rom” from this link
3. Place “vmac.rom” in the same folder as where minivmac executable has been placed.
4. Rename “vmac.rom” to “vMac.ROM”


Running and launching Mini vMac
1. Open minivmac executable. A floppy disk with a question mark must be displayed.
2. Drag and drop a .dsk file (bootable image) to the minivmac window.

Dragging and drop a .dsk file to this window would be as inserting a floppy disk.


Extracting files from Mini vMac

1. Download program

2. Extract compressed file in any folder

3. Drag and drop to the Mini vMac once it has been opened.

4. Double click the new floppy disk icon “ExportFI”

5. Double click program “ExportFI”

6. Drag the file you want to export and drop it inside the opened ExportFI window

7. File will be exported in a new folder “out” inisde the folder where Mini vMac is placed

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