Installing or updating Microsoft Windows PowerShell

PowerShell was released as part of the bundle Windows Management Framework (WMF).

Microsoft released WMF 2.0 for Windows XP and Vista with the aim to include some functionalities present in Windows 7 but not on these OSs. One of these functionalities was PowerShell 2.0.

PowerShell is installed by default on Windows 7 and later versions. Because of this, it only makes sense to install PowerShell only on Windows XP and Windows 7.

How to install PowerShell on Windows XP or Vista

For Windows XP and Vista, you need to install the oldest version of WMF, it means, WMF 2.0.

You can read a discussion about how to get WMF 2.0 in 2023 on this external link.

How to upgrade PowerShell

It makes only sense to upgrade PowerShell on Windows that have already PowerShell preinstalled, it means, Windows 7 and above.

Upgrading PowerShell on Windows 7

WMF was installed by default on Windows 7.

We could either reinstall WMF 2.0 or a newer version like WMF or above.

Download WMF 3.0:

In order to install WMF 3.0, you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5.

Download WMF 4.0:

Download WMF 5.0

Upgrading PowerShell on Windows 8 and above

Windows 8 and above have PowerShell 3.0 (or above) already preinstalled.

PowerShell cannot be uninstalled on these OSs.

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