Socially Responsible Investing in Spain

SRI is the acronym Socially Responsible Investing. It is refered in Spanish as ISR (from the Spanish Inversión Socialmente Responsable).

Spainsif is the Foro Español de Inversión Socialmente Responsable, and it publishes an annual report and maintains a catalog of SRI’s:

This is a partial list of Ethical Investment Funds:

  • Microbank Fondo Ético FI (ES0138516036)
  • Santander Responsabilidad Conservador FI (ES0145821031)
  • BBVA Bolsa Desarrollo Sostenible FI (ES0125459034)
  • UBS (Lux) EF Global Sust Inno (EUR) P (LU0130799603)
  • Pioneer Fds Global Ecology A EUR ND (LU0271656133)
  • Pioneer Fds Global Ecology C EUR ND (LU0307383496)

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