How to burn a video file (e.g. MPEG, AVI) to watch it on a DVD player on Ubuntu

You have a common video file (for example, MPEG or AVI) and you want to burn it to a DVD and watch it on standard DVD players. This is done easily on Ubuntu, and here you have the instructions to achieve it.

1. Install Devede

Devede is a free tool to create video CDs and DVDs that can be played in home DVD players. It creates a CD/DVD image (*.iso file) from the video/s file/s that can be later burn on a CD/DVD using the suitable program.

Go to the Ubuntu Software Center, search “Devede” and install it.


2. Install Brasero

Brasero is the default Ubuntu CD/DVD burning program.

Go to the Ubuntu Software Center, search “Brasero” and install it, in case it is not already installed.


3. Convert video files into a DVD image using Devede

Run Devede. In the main screen, select “Video DVD”.


In the following screen, two lists can be find, “Titles” at left and “Files” at right hand side.


Titles corresponds to each entries on the DVD menu. Each title can contain one or many files, and they will be played when the title is selected from the DVD menu.

You can customize the text displayed for each title by clicking on “Properties”


When finished, click on “Forward” button and select a destination folder.


Then click on and wait the process to finish (it can take more than half an hour).

3. Burn DVD using Brasero

Run Brasero. Select “Burn image” from the main menu.


Select the image file generated by Devede and then the DVD writer unit when you have entered a blank DVD. Then click on “Create image”


Wait until the burn process is finished… Et voilĂ ! You will have your DVD ready to be played on any home DVD player.

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