How to watch online TV restricted to a country from abroad

Some online TV webs restrict their broadcasts to computers that access from certain countries.

What can you do when you are in a foreign country and you want to access that contents? The easiest way to get to connect to this web through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is located in that country.

There are some ways to get a VPN in certain countries.

1. Use the VPN of an university, companies or institution that you belong to in that country

Some universities and companies offer to their members a VPN service. Maybe it can be as easy as follow the instructions about how to configure this service on your computer.

2. Hire a third-party VPN

Some providers allow you to use their VPN -it can be for free or paying a subscription to their services.

Free VPN may include ads, monthly download limits and other restrictions (e.g., no P2P). Probably the speed is not as good as a payment service, what is a drawback if you need a good broadband to watch videos. You can find here some free VPNs.

There are also non-free VPN, which are faster, more reliable and ad-free. It cost less than 10$ per month, depending on the provider and the offer. One example is Astrill or Hide My Ass!.

2. Configure your own VPN computer, firewall or hub

If you know how to do it and you don’t mind struggling with it, you can set your own VPN computer, firewall or hub in the country you want to connect to.