List of standard SAP Study Materials

Here it is a list of standard SAP Study Materials related to FICO.



AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting (Col33)
AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting (Col62)
AC050 Business Processes in Fin & Mgmt Acct w new GL (Col62)
AC200 Accounting Customizing I: GL; AR and AP (Col62)
AC201 Periodic Processing in Accts Rec & Payables (Col62)
AC202 Acct Customizing II: Spec GL Trans, Doc Park (Col62)
AC205 Financial Closing (Col62)
AC206 Parallel Fin. Reporting in SAP R/3: Local GAAP (Col52)
AC210 The New General Ledger (Col62)
AC212 Migration to the New General Ledger ( Col62 )
AC215 Cash Budget Management (46C)
AC220 Special Purpose Ledger (Col52)
AC240 Consolidation Functions (40B)
AC260 Additional Features in Financial Accounting (46C)
AC280 Reporting in FI (Col62)
AC400 Programming in Financials (Col62)
AC660 EC0CS Consolidation Functions (Col51)
AC665 EC-CS Integration (Col32)
Investment Management

AC020 Investment Management (Col34)
AC350 Investment Management Configuration (Col33)

AC030 Treasury (46C)
AC810 Basic Functions in Treasury Management (46C)
AC815 Loans Management for Financial Services (46C)
AC816 Loans Management for Corporates (46C)
AC820 Securities Management (46C)
AC825 Money Market, Foreign Exchange and Derivaties (46C)
AC830 Market Risk Management (46C)
AC805 Cash Management (Col62)

AC040 Cost Management and Controlling (Col62)
AC405 Cost Centers and Internal Orders (Col62)
AC410 Cost Center Accounting (Col52)
AC412 Cost Center Accounting: Extended Functions (Col62)
AC415 Overhead Cost Orders (Col52)
AC420 Activity Based Costing (Col32)
AC505 Product Cost Planning (Col62)
AC510 Cost Object Controlling for Products (Col32)
AC515 Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders (Col32)
AC520 CO Controlling-Make-to-Stock-SO Production (Col62)
AC530 Actual Costing / Material Ledger (Col34)
AC605 Profitability Analysis (Col33)
AC605 Profitability Analysis (Col62)
AC610 Profit Center Accounting (Col52)
AC680 Analytics and Reporting in Management Accting (Col52)

Controlling SAP Documentation
Controlling SAP Documentation

Travel Management

AC270 Travel Management – Travel Expenses (Col52)
AC275 Travel Management – Travel Planning (Col32)
Real Estate Management

AC290 Real Estate Management (46C)
AC295 Flexible Real Estate Management (Col63)
Assets Accounting

AC305 Asset Accounting (Col62)
Schedule Manager

AC690 Schedule Manager (Col32)
Funds Management

AC700 Funds Mgmt: Processes, Organization and Config. (46C)
AC720 Funds and Position Management (46C)

AC900 Internal and External Auditing (46B)
AC990 Tips and Tricks in Mgmt Acct-incl Delta 46-ECC60 Col62

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