How to access a remote SAP ECC System from another SAP System

It is possible to access a remote SAP system as an user from another SAP system, in the same way as we can check the transport order status of remote systems. This has to be checked when managing roles and transaction acceses, and this could be a possible a weak spot in the security.

The way to achieve this is by running transaction SE59 (Configuration of RFC Connections).

Create a new RFC Connection by clicking on the “New” icon.

Complete these fields:

  • RFC Destination: technical name for the connection
  • Connection Type: 3 -ABAP Connection
  • Target Host: address for the remote system
  • System Number: the number
  • Save as: select Hostname if you want to access by the¬†address entered as Target Host; select IP Address if you want to access by the entered IP address

Then save changes.

Enter back to the newly created RFC Destination and click on “Remote Logon” button to connect to the new system.

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