How to display Plan Line Items in report CJI4 (SAP PS)

A common issue of people implementing Project System Planning functionality is that they cannot find the project plan line items in report CJI4.

This post is about how to get it. There are two options to achieve this:


1) By activating Integrated Planning

The steps are covered in the post “How to activate Integrated Planning in SAP PS“.

One restriction is that this will be only possible if everything is configured before plan data is posted in CO versions or projects are created.


2) By allowing write plan items for specific user status

You can configure SAP so plan items are written only if the object has certain the user status. To modify this, follow the instructions:

Go to transaction OK02, or to customing SPRO > Project System > Structures > Operative Structures > Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) > WBS User Status > Create User Status Profile.

Double-click ont the Status Profile related to the Project Profile.

Double-click on the status you want to configure.

If business transaction “Write plan line items” does not appear on this screen, do this: click on “New Entries” status, and find “Write plan line items” business transaction.When you have located business transaction “Write plan line items”, changes its radio button to “Allowed”.

You can modify as many user status as you want, even all of them.

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