How to activate Integrated Planning in SAP PS

Integrated Planning is an SAP functionality when activated it transfers plan data from the Cost Center Accounting component (CO-OM-CCA) or the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC) to other components (such as the Special Purpose Ledger or the Profit Center Accounting component), and writes line items for each change in the plan data.


To activate Integrated Planning, three steps should be taken:

1) Mark Integrated Planning indicator in the Project Profile

Go to Project Profile configuration from transaction OPSA, or through customizing transaction in SPRO > Project System > Structures > Operative Structures > Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) > Create Project Profile.

Then select the Project Profile, go to “Controlling” tab and mark “Integrated Planning”.


2) Allow Integrated planning in the CO Version

This options can be configured in the detail screen of the fiscal year-dependent CO version data.

To change this settings, run transaction OKEQ or go to SPRO > Controlling > General Controlling > Organization > Maintain Versions.

In the “Settings for Each Fiscal Year” section, “Integrated Planning” must be checked for the corresponding year.


You can double click on a year row to see further detail about version settings for fiscal year.

Note: the checkboxs “Integrated Planning” in the overview screen for the years and the detail screen are the same.

Additionally, flag “Integrated planning with cost centers/bus. processes” must be marked as well.

This flag can be marked only if no plan data has been entered for the version and Fiscal Year.

Alternatively, transaction KP96 can be run as well:


(it seems that it is equivalent to marking “Integrated planning with cost centers/bus. processes”)

3) Ensure Integration Planning is marked at WBS Element Level

When a Project is created, in case Project Profile has “Integrated Planning” marked, it will mark “Integrated Planning” to all the WBS Elements (field PRPS-PLINT).

In case Project Definition was created when the flag was unmarked, Integrated Planning will not be possible for their WBS Element.

SAP informs that Integrated Planning flag for WBS Element cannot be changed at Project Definition level, as it is a reference to the Project Profile. However, once Project Definition is created, if Project Profile is marked with Integration Planning then related Project Definitions will not be updated.

WBS Elements cannot modify their Integration Planning flag, as they are referenced by the Project Profile (see SAP OSS note 301917). Besides, there are hints on this note to display flag at WBS Element level. If you have experience, I appreciate that you leave a comment.

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