How to look up SAP OSS Notes

When facing issues in SAP, it is always a good idea to consult the SAP OSS Notes in order to see if there is any official notification from SAP about a reported issue. Please find the steps below:

1. Get an SAP Username and Password

First, you need to obtain a SAP user. This user is provided to people who obtained an official SAP certification, or who are SAP Partners.

2. Logon with Username and Password

Visit the SAP Service Marketplace.

Click on log in and enter your username and password.

Enter on “SAP Support Portal”.

Then click on “Help & Support” tab.

Finally, click on “Search for SAP Notes & KBIs”

You can also follow this link, that it is more direct:

Then enter the SAP username and password.

3. Browse SAP OSS Notes

Enter your search and browse among the results.

External References

Edited 22.04.2015: SAP Notes direct link updated.

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