How to configure Layout in Background Processing of standard Reports in SAP

When running SAP standard reports in background mode, we may find some problems with truncated fields or undesired layout. This can be fixed for those reports that include the option Menu Bar > List > Print Preview, as for example, CJI3.

Please fin the the steps below:

1. Open report. Enter data for a small selection in selection screen, so report can be run quickly. Run report.

2. Go to Menu bar > List > Print Preview or press Ctrl+Shift+F10.


3. Click on “Change layout” button and adjust the layout as desired. Click on “Copy” button when it is finished.



4. Click on “Save layout”


5.Go back to the ALV output.

6. Go to Menu bar > Settings > Layout > Manage…


7. Mark the desired saved layout as default by selecting and clicking on “Define default setting…”.


8. Save your changes.

9. Now try to run again your report; layout should be as defined in “Print preview”.

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