How to change the colour scheme of SAP GUI screens

A common mistake for SAP users who work with multiple environments (e.g. Development, Testing and Productive) is to be working on a system that is not the intended. This can make us spoil our time when the displayed information is not the expected and you don’t realise that you are not in the correct system. Besides, this can provoke risky situations, specially when performing irreversible operations on the system that is not the expected.

To avoid the chances of this problem to occur, we can assign a diferent colour scheme so we can identify which is the system we are connected to at a glance.

To change the color assigned to an environment, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Select the Colour Definition for the SAP R/3 ClientOn the main menu, click on the “Customize Local Layout” icon (it appears as a coloured screen) > Design Settings.In the “General” tab, select the theme “Enjoy”.

    Go to the “Colours Definition” tab, and select the theme “Enjoy”.

  2. Set Color to SystemClick on the “Customize Local Layout” icon (it appears as a coloured screen) > Set Color to System.Set Color to System button

    Select the desired colour pattern from the list and click “OK”.

    Select colour pattern

Et voilĂ ! The environment will display the new colour scheme.

Apply colour pattern

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