How to get the transaction code of a program and vice versa in SAP

When an error has been detected in a SAP system, or you need to track how an error reported by a user has been triggered, it is very useful to know how to get the program linked to a transaction code and the other way round. This post is about how to perform both operations:

Get transaction code from program
Run transaction SE93 and enter the transaction code on the input box and press Display. The program will be displayed next to the “Program” label.

Get program from transaction code
Run transaction SE93 and click on the matchcode button (or press F4). If the Input Help Personal Value List is displayed, click on the ‘Information System’ button. Now click on the ‘All Selections’ button (or press Shift+F7), enter the program to search in the box of the same name and click on Accept. The transaction code will appear on the screen.

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