Key-value Database

A key-value database or key-value store is a type of database. You can read more about databases on this post.

It is part of NoSQL databases. You can read more about NoSQL databases on this post.

Key-value Store Solutions

Key-value store solutions:

  • Valkey
  • Redict
  • KeyDB
  • Gartnet
  • Redis
  • etcd
  • Amazon DynamoDB


Valkey is a key-value store database maintained by the Linux Foundation. It is written in C, an it is single-threaded.

It is FOSS under a 3-clause BSD.

It was a fork of Redis version 7.2.4, that was the last one to have a FOSS license, that was announced on 2024-03-20 through this external link.

Valkey code repository


Redict is a FOSS fork of Redis. It is written in C, an it is single-threaded.

It is FOSS under a license LGPL 3.0.

Redict official webiste


KeyDB is a multi-threaded fork of Redis.

It is FOSS under a 3-clause BSD.

KeyDB official website


Garnet is a reimplementation of Redis in C#. It is developed by Microsoft.

It is FOSS under a MIT license.

Dragonfly DB

Dragonfly DB is a replacement for Redis and memcached.

It is FOSS.

Dragonfly DB code repository


Redis (an acronym standing from Remote Dictionary Server) is a key-value store database.

It is written in C, and it is single-threaded.

Redis is used on cached, as well as memcached.

It is mainly developed by company Garantia, though it was founded by Salvatore Sanfilippo.

Redis is source-viewable software. Redis core is dual-licensed Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1), while Redis Modules, which include visualization tools, a client SDK and more, have an Apache License with the added Commons Clause.

Versions 7.2.4 and before were free and open source software (FOSS) under a 3-clause BSD (BSD-3) license.

BSD-3 Redis forks include Valkey (2024), Redict and multi-threaded KeyDB.


etcd is FOSS under an Apache 2.0 license.

etcd repository

Amazon DynamoDB

If you’re building an application on AWS, Amazon DynamoDB is a managed NoSQL database service that offers seamless scalability and low-latency performance. It’s suitable for applications with large amounts of data and high read/write requirements.

It is proprietary.

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