Project Management Methodology (PM2)

Project Management Methodology (PM2, stylized PM²) is a methodology for project management issued by the European Commission.

Description of PM2

PM2 is a project management methodology developed within the European Commission.

Though it was initially designed for the European Commission projects, it is free of use for anyone, including private companies and citizens.

It can be integrated within other standards or methodologies like PMBOK or PRINCE2.

PM2 Timeline

The development of PM2 was started on 2007.

The first draft was presented to European Commission on 2008.

The first open-access version was released on November 2016.

PM2 is developed under the European Digital Programme.

There is the OpenPM2 Initiative.

Centre of Excellence in Project Management (CoEPM2, stylized CoEPM²) is an organization under the European Commission.

PM2 Alliance is the home of PM2 outside the European Commission, and it was created in 2018. You can visit its website on this external link.

There is a partnership between OpenProject and PM2 Alliance. You can read more on this external link.


The publications related to PM2 are:

  • PM2
  • PM2-Agile
  • PM2-Portfolio Management
  • PM2-Programme Management

The open versions of these documents can be downloaded from this external link.

PM2 Certifications for Professionals

There are certifications for professionals related to PM2. They are available on this external link.

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