How to create a Quiz with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a cloud tool offered by American company Microsoft within the Office 365 suite.

This post summarizes how to create a Quiz using Microsoft Forms, as it was on June 2023. Instructions may have changed since then.

Instructions about how to create a Quiz with Microsoft Forms

Step-by-step instructions about how to create a quiz with Microsoft Forms:

  1. Open Microsoft Forms
  2. Create a new Quiz
  3. Configure quiz
  4. Share quiz
  5. Check responses

1. Open Microsoft Forms

Go to

Login to your Microsoft account. This account should have hired an Office 365 service including Microsoft Forms.

Alternatively, visit

On the left hand side list, select “Apps”.

Then click on the “All apps”

A list of all available apps is displayed. Search for “Forms”, and click on it.

2. Create a new Quiz

There is an drop-down button to the right of the button “New Form”. Click on it to expand it, and select “New quiz”.

3. Configure Quiz

By default, you will start in the “Questions” tab.

Enter a title for the quiz.

Add as many questions as you need.

Don’t forget to add points to each question.

If you go to Settings, you will find extra options.

You can set a timer or hide the correct answers.

4. Share Quiz

You can preview your quiz before sharing it using the “Preview” button.

When the quiz is ready to be share, click on “Collect responses”. There are different options to share the quiz.

5. Check Responses

You can check the user responses by clicking on “Responses” tab.

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