Green Cloud and Green Data Centers

Green cloud and green data centers is the concept of optimizing a cloud or data centers to reduce to an optimal level the environmental impact of cloud and data center technologies.

This post covers some aspects regarding green cloud and green data centers.

Sustainability Standards and Agreements for Organizations

Sustainability standards and agreements for organizations:

  • ISO 14064
  • ISO 14067
  • PAS 2050
  • CHG,
  • Climate Neutral Data Center Pact 2001 en UE
  • Vmware Zero Carbon committed
  • GHC: Green House Protocol
  • Climate Pledge
  • UL 2799

Organizations for environmental IT Efficiency

The Green Grid

The Green Grid (TGG) is an international non-profit private organization creates tools, provides technical expertise, and advocates for the optimization of energy and resource efficiency of Data Center ecosystems which enable a low carbon economy.

TGG headquarters are in Oregon, USA.

Many major companies are part of TGG, including HP, Intel, AMD or Nvidia. You can find the full list of TGG members on this external list.

The Green Grid (TGG) was created in 2007, and it is an affiliate member of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) since 2019.

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is an open industry consortium of data center operators, cloud providers, technology and equipment suppliers, facility architects, and end-users that offers the technical expertise that the data center industry and governments turn to for insight and counsel regarding data center efficiency and sustainability

Official website is the European platform promoting the adoption of carbon footprint methodologies in the ICT sector.

Official website

Tools for calculating environmental efficiency

You can find a list of tools for calculating environmental efficiency by on this external link.


Cloud Energy and Emission Research (CLEER) Model is a discontinued model. It was a comprehensive user friendly open-access model for assessing the net energy and emissions implications of cloud services in different regions and at different levels of market adoption

It was developed by Berkeley Lab (USA).

Official website

Reports on Green Cloud and Green Data Centers

ISMS Forum Spain Green Cloud Report

The non-profit organization ISMS Forum, that holds the Spain chapter of the Cloud Star Alliance (CSA), releases a Green Cloud report annually.

2022 ISMS Forum Spain Green Cloud Report

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