NetBeans is a IDE for Java. As of 2023, it is maintained by Apache.

Things you need to Configure when creating a Project in NetBeans

Setting the License Header of Source Code Files

Right click on the project, select “Properties” and select “License Headers”.

If you want a common license, select the “Use global license” radio button and choose your desired license.

If you want a customized license, write it on a .txt file, put it into the project, then select “Use project location” and enter the path in the textbox.

As default, the year appearing in the Copyright is the year of creating of the file. You may want the change the period covered in the copyright, according to the header.

This info was found on this external link.

Setting the JDK Version of a Project

Right click on the project, select “Properties”, select “Sources” on the list, find the Source/Binary format drop-down list and select the JDK version you prefer for that project.

You can read more about changing JDK version of compiler on this post.

Setting the Author

Go to menu bar > Tools > Templates. Click on the “Settings” button. The file will be opened.

You can uncomment the last line and customize the “user” value.

This applies for all project, not only the open one.

There is more information about this on this external link.

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