Apache License, version 2.0

This post covers some aspects related to software license Apache License, version 2.0.

Introduction to Apache License, version 2.0

Apache License, version 2.0 is a permissive open-source license.

Among the most popular permissive licenses, it is probably the one that protects better the developers without being restrictive (i.e., forcing to keep using the same license).

It is compatible with GNU GPL 3.0 license, but it is not compatible with GPL 2.0.

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Apache License, version 2.0 is recognized as open-source license by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). You can find its entry on this external link.

Among the permissive licenses, Apache License v2.0 is the one recommended by the Free Software Foundation because it prevents “patent treachery”. You can read this statement on this external link.

How do I use a Derivative Work of Software with Apache License version 2.0

If you modify the code of an Apache 2.0 License, then it is considered a Derivative Work by the Apache 2.0 Licenses.

The point 4 in the Apache 2.0 License explains what should be done in case of redistribution:

4. Redistribution. You may reproduce and distribute copies of the Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without modifications, and in Source or Object form, provided that You meet the following conditions:

  1. You must give any other recipients of the Work or Derivative Works a copy of this License; and
  2. You must cause any modified files to carry prominent notices stating that You changed the files; and
  3. You must retain, in the Source form of any Derivative Works that You distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices from the Source form of the Work, excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of the Derivative Works; and
  4. If the Work includes a “NOTICE” text file as part of its distribution, then any Derivative Works that You distribute must include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained within such NOTICE file, excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of the Derivative Works, in at least one of the following places: within a NOTICE text file distributed as part of the Derivative Works; within the Source form or documentation, if provided along with the Derivative Works; or, within a display generated by the Derivative Works, if and wherever such third-party notices normally appear. The contents of the NOTICE file are for informational purposes only and do not modify the License. You may add Your own attribution notices within Derivative Works that You distribute, alongside or as an addendum to the NOTICE text from the Work, provided that such additional attribution notices cannot be construed as modifying the License.

    You may add Your own copyright statement to Your modifications and may provide additional or different license terms and conditions for use, reproduction, or distribution of Your modifications, or for any such Derivative Works as a whole, provided Your use, reproduction, and distribution of the Work otherwise complies with the conditions stated in this License.
Apache License, version 2.0

There are some discussions about what should be done to redistribute Apache 2.0 code:

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