Web Back End Frameworks

This post lists web back end frameworks.

Web back end framework ease the tasks for the developer when working on back end scripting with languages like Java, Python or PHP.

List of Web Back End Frameworks

Web Back End Frameworks featured on this post:

  • Node.js
  • Django
  • Spring
  • Ruby of Rails
  • Express
  • Laravel
  • Phoenix


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment.

Node.js official web


Django is a web framework written in Python.

Django Official Web

To know more about Django you can read this post.


Spring is a web framework written in Java.

Spring Official web

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or Rails is a web framework written in Ruby.

Ruby on Rails Official Web


Express.js or Express is a web application framework based on Node.js, written in JavaScript.

Express Official Web


Laravel is a PHP framework.

Laravel Official Web


Phoenix is a framework written in Elixir functional programming language.

Official Web

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