Introduction to Pygame

Pygame , frequently typed as pygame, is a cross-module set of Python module to create video games.

This post reviews some aspects of Pygame.

What is Pygame?

Pygame is a Python implementation of the SDL library which is written in C. As SDL is already progressed with multiple functions, pygame has provided easy access to these functions.

Pygame was released on 2000.

What operating System are supported by Pygame?

It supports most PC operating systems, like Windows, macOS and Linux.

There is limited support for Android OS. On the contrary, it does not support iOS.

How to install Pygame for Development

Open an OS terminal and type:

pip install pygame

How to learn Pygame?

You can find the official list of Pygame tutorials on this external link.

Is there a GUI widget toolkit for Pygame?

Yes, there are different GUI widget toolkit for Pygame. Probably the most popular and mature is Pygame GUI.

If you want to find a list of popular GUI widget toolkits for Pygame, you can read this post.

How to make Pygame work on Android?

There is a Pygame subset for android. However this requires special reworking and changing the program.

Which popular games are made with Pygame?

The game “Frets on fire” is made with Pygame.

Solutions to common problems

Rotate an image

To rotate an image you must use the Surface Pygame object and pygame.transform.rotate() function.

See this external link.

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