Scheduling Web Apps for Peers

This post lists some apps that aids to agree a date between a group of people or peers.

It discards more complex apps that also manage calendars or book appointments for businesses. In the case of business, the scheduling is not between peers as the relationship is asymmetrical (vendor-consumer).

List of Scheduling Web Apps for Peers


  • Doodle
  • WhenAvailable
  • When2Meet
  • When is good


Doodle is a freemium web. It is developed by the Swiss company of the same name.

Probably the most advanced and popular web of its kind.


Whenavailable is a freemium web app by American company Whenavailable.

It is as advanced as Doodle, though less known.


When2Meet is a free web app. You can donate to support the project.

It is very simple and basic, but goes straight to the point.

When is good

Whenisgood is a free web app.

It is also very simple and basic.

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