How to use Ableton Live with Keyboard Controller M-Audio Oxygen Pro

Ableton Live is an DAW application developed by Ableton.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro is a family on keyboard controllers.

This post explains how to use DAW Ableton Live with keyboard Controller M-Audio Oxygen Pro.

There are different models in the M-Audio Oxygen Pro family of keyboard controllers. Though I used M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61, instructions should be similar for all of them.

The Ableton Live version I used was Ableton Live 11 Lite.

Automatic Ableton Mapping

As of firmware update 2.1.1, the Oxygen Pro Series will now be automatically detected when connected with Ableton. The information below outlines the default mapping of the Oxygen Pro Series in Ableton, and how to make the most of your keyboard once it’s been plugged in.

Explanation of each of the keyboard controller control and its use on Ableton

The controls that are explained in detail are:

  • Faders
  • Fader buttons
  • Central panel controls
  • Knobs
  • Pads
  • Screen Launch buttons


Faders are located on the left hand side of your M-Audio Oxygen Pro. Models MINI, 49 and 61 have from 4 to 8 faders. Model 25 has only one.

In the case of Oxygen Pro 25, the fader controls the volume of the main track.

The first 4 (or 8, if available) faders control the track volumen. The 9th fader (if available), controls the general master volume.

The first 8 (or 4 in the case of the MINI) faders control the Volume of the Tracks within the colored border. On the 49-key, and 61-key the 9th FADER controls the Volume of the Main Track.

Fader Buttons

Fader buttons are located directly underneath the faders, on the left hand side of the keyboard controller model 49, 61 and MINI.

The first 8 (or 4 in the case of the MINI) buttons directly underneath the FADERS (referred to as the FADER BUTTONS) control various properties of the Tracks within the colored border. The various properties can be toggled between via the button labeled MODE. On the 49-key, and 61-key the LEDs to the right of the MODE button indicate which property will be controlled.

RECThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Arming.
SOLOThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Soloing.
MUTEThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Activation.
SELECTThe FADER BUTTONS will select Tracks.
OFFThe FADER BUTTONS will be used to control ARP, ARP LATCH, CHORD and SCALE modes of the Oxygen Pro.

Colored Border

When the Oxygen Pro is used with Live, a colored border that surrounds the “Tracks and Scenes”, that the Oxygen Pro controls, will be displayed in Live. The position of this colored border determines which Tracks and Scenes will be controlled by the various controls on the Oxygen Pro.

The colored border can be moved horizontally (to select the group of Tracks to control) via the BANK buttons and vertically (to select the group of Scenes to control) via the ENCODER (the wheel below the display).

I saw that when I pressed “Bank” button to the left or right, the faders shifted the tracks they control. For example, if fader 1 controlled track 1 and I click “Bank >” twice, then fader 1 starts controlling fader 3.

Center Panel Controls

SHIFTModifies the function of other controls.
BACKTriggers Live’s Undo function.
ENCODERTurning the ENCODER will move the colored border vertically.Pressing down the ENCODER quickly will launch the selected Scene.Pressing down and turning the ENCODER will select Scenes.
BANK < and >Move the colored border horizontally.
REWINDandFAST FORWARDRewind and fast forwards playback.When SHIFT is pressed and held with these buttons they will scroll the SCENE selection up and down
LOOPToggles Arrangement Loop.
STOPStops playback.
PLAYToggles playback.
RECORDToggles Session Record when in Session Viewand Arrangement Record when in Arrangement View.
TEMPOWhen the SHIFT button is held down, this will toggle the Metronome.
PAD BANK (MINI Only)Launches the 1st Scene within the colored border.


The KNOBS control various parameters of the Tracks within the colored border as well as the parameters of the selected Device. The parameter to control can be selected by holding down the SHIFT button and using the PADS labeled DAW KNOB CONTROL.

VOLUME (25-key only)The KNOBS will control Track Volume.
PANThe KNOBS will control Track Panning.
DEVICEThe KNOBS will control parameters of the selected Device. Subsequent pressed of theDEVICE PAD will toggle between the first and last 4 parameters of a Device.
SENDSThe KNOBS will control Track Send levels. By default, Send A will be controlled.Subsequent presses of the SENDS PAD will toggle between Send A and Send B.


The PADS launch the Clips within the colored border. When the SHIFT button is held down, the PADS labeled DAW KNOB CONTROL are used to select the parameter the KNOBS should control.

Scene Launch Buttons

Scene Launch buttons are the one located to the right of the pads, next to the end of each row. They are located to the right of the keyboard controller.

They are only available on Oxygen Pro models 25, 49 and 61

These buttons launch the Scenes within the colored border.

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