How to apply Search Engine Optimization on a WordPress Site

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

As of 2022, Google is the undeniable leader of search providers. The post focus on Google Search service.

Post Series “Introduction to WordPress”

This post it is just one within in a series of posts that want to be an introduction to WordPress.

Please read the post “Introduction to WordPress” to find an index of all posts within the series, in case you are interested or need more background about the topics covered on this post.

How to apply Google SEO on a WordPress site

This section explain how to configure you Google account and WordPress site Google Search Console

Ensure you have a Google account

You need a Google account to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. So please create one in case you do not have it.

Add your domain to Google Search Console

Visit Google Search Console site:

Add your domain to Google Search Console.

Google needs a proof that you own that domain, so it needs you to add some changes on your DNS server.

The change consists on adding a TXT record with a specific value (with the format) to your DNS server. The TXT value to add has the following format:


Sign up to Google Analytics

Visit Google Analytics site:

Create a Google Analytics account. It must be linked to a Google account. You may have many Google Analytics accounts within the same Google account.

You can find a course of Google Analytics for Beginners on this external link.

Install WordPress plugin Google Search Kit

Go to your WordPress site, login and go to your dashboard. Then go to Plugins, search for Google Search Kit and install it. Then click on “Activate” button.

When you are redirected to your WordPress main page, click on the button to start Search Kit setup. Follow the instructions. If you do not have yet Google Analytics, it will be created in one of the steps.

Take into account that it may take up to 48 hours for Google Analytics to be configured, so be patient. Visit the Google Analytics web to ensure configuration has finished.

Ensure your Site can be indexed correctly

You may have a look at this video to understand how your site is indexed:

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