How to organize a Webinar with Microsoft Teams

This post explains how to organize a webinar with Microsoft Teams.

It was written in 2022, so some steps may have changed.

Steps about how to organize a Webinar with Microsoft Teams

Open Microsoft Teams and ensure that you are logged on.

Go to “Calendar”.

Expand the dropdown list on the right hand side with the text “New meeting”. Then select “Webinar”.

On the main screen you can fill the basic information for the webinar, including title, presenters, dates and location.

Webinar options are displayed on the right hand side.

“Allow meeting chat” is enabled by default. You may want to disable it.

Q&A (Questions & Answers) is selected by default.

Click on “View registration form” if you want to add a form to register to sign up to the event. A new dialog will be opened to enter the registration info.

If you want to add a quiz or survey to your webinar, you may have a look to Microsoft Forms. It was integrated with the webinar in the past but I think it is no longer.

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